Wegman's Store Of No Return

By snypeindisguise :: Thursday December 30th, 2010


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If you will be patience and wait until my laptop touch pad works I will beat it. I can gurantee you that I beat before, if by all means you think it is impossible, well, good for you. So pardon me, I will get back with you soon, please comment (With no profane language please) and I will answer briefly. Enjoy all Sploder members :D Description: La dee da dee da oh look their melon is on sale today! Hmm...Still pretty expensive. $5.00 for one melon. Now thats just plain bad for Wegmans stores. I think I will just.....5 minutes later...Come back here with that melon! Never! Well you won't escape us. BWA HA HA HA HA! Evacuate the place guards this is gonna get funky funky funky funky. Everyone clap your hands!


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