By sonic52789 :: Wednesday October 28th, 2009


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Yep! You guys heard right, there's going to be a new sonic game in 2010 (other than Sonic & SEGA all star racing)! Also, the CURRENT name of the game is Project NeedleMouse (NeedleMouse was going to be the name of Sonic before they decided on Sonic), But there going to come up with another name soon. And, every stage will be ONLY 2-D. And, I know that most of you Sonic fans will highly disagree with me when I say this but, I don't want 2-D gameplay, for me 3-D is more fun. I found this information out at: Sonic.wikia.com. And I KNOW that it's NOT FAKE Because there's even a mini trailer on the site. To find out more info, please visit: Sonic.wikia.com.


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