Sonic Journy part 24 Pacific Ocean

By sonic52789 :: Saturday October 31st, 2009


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Blaze has successfully teleported back to the present, She landed on the coastal ocean (the one by the Pacific), and held the blue crystal that she found, the blue crystal started to shine a little bit, [Blaze]: What is this thing?... Meanwhile, Shadow and Burst were in an intense battle when all of a sudden, [Eggman (on the speaker for his ship)]: Burst! forget about Shadow! One of my robots called me and told me that someone with another crystal, like the green one we have at my main HQ in the middle of the Pacific, is getting close to it! Meet me in my escape pod immediately, and I will explain the rest from there, Hurry! I set this ship to self destruct!. Burst then teleported with the chaos emerald he had. [Main speakers]: 5, 4, 3... [Shadow (Quickly while grabbing Amy)]: Chaos Protection!. Shadow and Amy were then in an indestructable Chaos like ball thing. [Main speakers]:... 2, 1. KA-BOOM!. Meanwhile with Blaze, [Blaze]: Huh? what's that?. Shadow and Amy then landed right by Blaze unharmed. [Shadow]: Blaze! I'm so glad to see you. [Blaze]: Are you alright Shadow? [Shadow]: Yeah I'm fine. [Blaze]: Good, well can you please tell me what's going on?. Shadow then told Blaze the story. [Blaze]: Oh I see, But, what's this blue crystal?. Blaze then showed Shadow the crystal. [Shadow]: What the! Sonic has one just like it except it's white, we don't know what it is yet. Suddenly, Sonic called Shadow on his communicator. [Sonic]: Hey Shadow! [Amy (as she snatched the communicator)]: SONIC! HI SONIC! IT'S AMY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! [Sonic (in the mood he's always in around Amy]: Sadly I have to. [Amy]: Oh I know your just teasing, some day, YOU WILL BE MINE!. [Shadow (to Amy)]: Give me that!. [Shadow]: Sorry Sonic, Are you guys at Eggman's main base? [Sonic]: Yeah were right in front of it waiting for you guys. [Shadow]: Alright were coming now. [Rouge]: Hurry up now. Shadow then turned off the communicator. [Shadow]: LET'S GO!


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