Sonic Journy part 30 Corrupt Planet

By sonic52789 :: Saturday April 3rd, 2010


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*PLEASE RATE AND NOMINATE THIS GAME* - Sonic and his team have just escaped Eggman, and are headed to planet Alpha X-A. [Sonic]: " Knuckles, are you sure this planet will get us to the temple?" [Knuckles]: "Positive, but it can only be accessed if you are in a certain pod, which is somewhere on this planet" [Sonic]: " Then let's fly to it!" [Tails]: " That won't be too easy. This planet has elemental creatures roaming everywhere! And the tornado is almost out of gas. We have to go by foot. [Shadow]: " Well we better hurry, I'm pretty sure Eggman is following us. [Sonic]: "Well than Let's Get A Move On!"


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