Sonic Vs Shadow SONICS STORY PT 9

By sonic52789 :: Friday June 18th, 2010


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[Shadow]: "...How could I lose?" [Sonic]: "Alright a deals a deal Shadow, now tell me what's up! [Shadow]: "... Fine, you won't be able to stop me anyway. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting alone thinking, about how I could have saved Maria and the professor, and all the mistakes I have made when I tried, so.. Black Doom appeared and teleported me back in time, in the same position I was in, that day when G.U.N ruined everything, exept this time, I saved them. I got back to the present and thanked Black Doom for what he did, and he told me that I will see Maria and Professer Gerald again, un-aged, and then he vanished. later, Maria walked to me, she told me that when I saved her and the professer, G.U.N took over space Colony Ark." [Sonic]: "What? But we were just there..." [Shadow]: "It's curently run by G.U.N, instead of an abandon space station. When we went there, no one else was up there. Anyway, Maria told me that they took over our home, and I need to promise to do anything to get it back. And on top of that, G.U.N is holding Professer Gerald in a giant jail cell. So as you can see, G.U.N is the enemy. Maria told me when I fo-fill her promise to meet her at this small space station we used to go to, and then she left. So I joined forces with Black Doom by signaling him with a chaos emerald. He told me he was glad to hear the news and was willing to help, he wanted me to bring all the energy from all the power plants in station square to him in order to power up space colony ark, which we will threaten to activate if G.U.N doesn't release Professer Gerald Robotnik, and if G.U.N doesn't hand space colony ark back over to us. after he's released and we have the colony back, we will bring the professer with us, and stand in space colony Ark and watch Black Doom's minions destroy everything in there path, and then to finish the job, we blast Earth with Spcae colony ark's canon. And that was my plan all along. [Sonic]: "Wait, then what about that thing you told me when you were at that first power plant?" [Shadow]: "I just said that so that you could get off my back. Now, I have to return to space colony ark, the day of reconing is soon to come, Sayonara, Sonic the hedgehog!". Shadow then teleports away, and red clouds start to fill the sky and Sonic hears explosions happen. [Sonic]: "Oh no... this isn't good, I've got to catch a ride to space, and fast!"


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