Out Of This World!

Review by sonic52789 on Friday, September 3rd 2010
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Marte is a game created by hkassrulz

Pre-thoughts: "Interesting name, nice look, but I never judge a book by it's cover, let's see if it's worth playing".

Review: - Personally, I don't play much Robot games, but playing this made me realize how fun it is. In this game, There's a great environment, but you won't want to hang around it too much because there's always an enemy, or a hidden motor blasting at you. From beginning too end, the style is a little repetitive. You go reach an area where the Convoy get's stuck at a door that requires a key, and your sent off to go find it (the key). Although, it doesn't seem too repititve because the areas are all completely different. What I like about this game is that it's very challenging... or, a little too challenging.

In every corner of the game, there's either an enemy or hazard, so you're constantly striving to survive. There's almost a fair amount of health in the game, as well as power-ups, which helped alot. But the lack of health just makes it that much more challenging. All in all, this is a creative, and awesome game, with a great mission -


- Fun challenge

- Good use of the new updates

- Good length


- Not enough health

- Too many hazards


Total: 8/10

Verdict: This user put a lot of effort into this game. Awesome job, I really suggest playing this game.