Monsters Returns

By sparrowblue :: Sunday March 31st, 2019


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Welcome to Monsters Returns.This is related to the original trilogy of Monsters and has all the old characters in it.There are 3 worlds.There are also secrets to be found like bunnies.If you find the bunny in that world then you can go to the tunnel route in the 4th level of that world.There are secret exits in World 3 in 3-5,3-6 and 3-7.The story is that the monsters are planting bombs around the world.Please rate it positive if you like it.Comment down below for suggestions and thanks for stopping by.Wow it's been 3 years since I did the monsters trilogy. lol.XD Edit:Feel free to criticise me about the difficulty and I'll change it but the original trilogy was meant to be insane near the end.

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