Sploder Infinity War Auditions

By sparrowblue :: Sunday May 12th, 2019


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Welcome to Sploder Infinity War Auditions!This series will come out once all of the characters are taken and the Why Sparrowblue Left Sploder series has finished!If you want a part then here are all of the characters, Thanos(Taken by laughingcowking1), Captain America(Taken by arzarz), Captain Marvel(Taken by oddyssy268), Thor(Taken by supermarcel), Hulk, Iron Man(Taken by rockyroad797), Rocket Racoon(Taken by amaglitchy4), Red Skull(Taken by mrrotslos), Thanos Child 1(Taken by karlo1), Thanos Child 2(Taken by unicorn1343), Thanos Child 3, Gamora, Nebula, Star Lord(Taken by taylor65465), Mantis, Drax(Taken by gamespoo), Spiderman(Taken by matzacri), Black Panther(Taken by yobol123), Wolverine(Taken by bautistab), Doctor Strange(Taken by awesomefinnz), Wong(Taken by xxajfoxx), Scarlet Witch(Taken by butterflyissie), Vision(Taken by blake555), Groot(Taken by octhebest), Wokanda Tribe Member 1, Wokanda Tribe Member 2(Taken by sploderfan2550), Wokanda Tribe Member 3(Taken by iwanttobe250) and Loki(Taken by thefakegeoff).Please tell me if there are any more characters I missed!Please comment if you want to be one of those.Rate and comment if you want to be one of the following or just like the idea of the series!This game is the trailer as well.If it takes too long for people to get all of the parts then people can take on 2 parts!


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