3D "Fun" Tutorial

Review by spellmage on Monday, January 24th 2011
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Unreal Tournament is a game created by spellmage

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Round 1: What makes a 3D game fun? Action of course. How do we make action? Putting enemies in a game in which you will have to run, fight or outlast them.

#1- The trap- Make a trap to get enemies to fight you, Make a small room and place a gun in the center of it, of course the player might want the gun, so he will go after it. Getting the gun will press a tile and start an ambush of enemies such as Droids.

#2- The chase- Usually after finding a couple enemies you will run for dear life, were should you be running? No not a large open area, a small narrow path. So you can feel the bullets trailing you. ADVENTURE TO THE MAX!

#3- THEIR WAITING FOR US!- After a chase you might want to get more enemies in front of you in a medium sized room as most of your chases got tired from the run and left the area. Make it a nice variety because it looks better when you have a mix of large yellow bullets, small red bullets, and an arc of lightning chasing you.

#4- Let's fight back- Equip the player with top of the line alien weapons and enhanced RPG's, and have yourself a good time when blowing up your chasers. You have evolved from the simple gazzele getting chased down by the cheetah, to a badass gazzele blowing up cheetah's.

#5- Barrel time, NAHANAHNAH-NAHNAH- Barrel time- K, explosions are badass, use em.

Round 2: Puzzles, the things that make you say WTF.

#1- Easy puzzles should always go first, ya know, to make everything develop.

#2- Your puzzles should never be too hard, and it isn't all bad to recycle old ones as long as you implement new ones.

#3- Don't go overboard, you shouldn't have a 9 level game filled with 5 puzzles a level

Round 3: BOSSES, yes your average lovable robot gone badass

#1- The bigger the better- You want a larger battle field then your regular fight, so it doesn't get to hard.

#2- More is more?- You don't want 10 enemies but you don't want 1 either, try to find a middle ground

#3- MAKE ET HARDER- Add healing pods for your enemies, so the don't run out of health to easily.

#4- Make the scenery fit- This is important so don't miss it.