A Glass Of Refreshing Victory And An Aftertaste Of Total Satisfaction

Review by spidapig on Wednesday, July 6th 2011
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glass of lemonade NEW is a game created by comaroz

Here I will be reviewing the game: glass of lemonade NEW, by comaroz. Now, you all might be saying: "This game ain't new man! It's 4 years old!" Why yes that is true, but this game is timeless. Such as real life titles like: Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, and Earthbound. I remember playing this game at its release and was blown away at that time. As I began to give it a second go, the game was just as amazing if not better. You learn to appreciate the classics after they have been kept waiting in your heart for times. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Now as I review this game for what it is, please look not with only your eyes, but with your entire being, as it will in no doubt bring you great enlightenment.

Niagara Falls, The Sydney Opera House, Stonehenge, and The Taj Mahal, what do they all have in common? They are all aesthetically beautiful. Well, glass of lemonade NEW is the same way. The design is simply stunning. I have just sat in my chair for a good 20 minutes just admiring the amazing craftmanship, tears creating a vast reservoir of awe as I look at pure perfection. This level of design was a major event in Sploder history, one that stored the raw power and appealed in such pathos that it is one of the main reasons that The Art War was instigated. This game was a muse for every game following its momentous release. Beauty such as this has never been surpassed.

I want you to close your eyes and think of the most exciting thing possible. Done? Now multiply it by ten. Finished? Well you have covered about 1/100000th of the action in this game. Some have thought that they have built up a tolerance to such excitement and cannot experience the same thrill they once would seek. Luckily for all of these people waiting, this game is so amazing, so unparalleled when compared to any game in existence, that your tolerance will leave you immediately. Then, the game will chew it up, spit it out, throw it in a blender, and then crush it with atomic force. This experience would normally be not for the faint of heart, but it has been shown to prevent heart attacks. In all seriousness, every second playing this game is no second wasted. Take a long look at a lot of the games in the Epic Game Library. The action presented in those titles were only created thanks to the help of this milestone in gaming action.

Now what makes you cry? Onions? Clowns? Spiders? How about the emotional, heart-wrenching, and dramatic storyline of this game? The story this game presents is the mentally beneficial equivalent of staring at the most beautiful landscape in the world for 3 days straight. People's lives have been changed by this game's incredible tale. What makes you happy? Puppies? Someone to love? Money? (Which I've been told does not bring happiness.) How about this saga woven into a habitat for total euphoria? This story is a template for happiness. How troubles have been bounded, and how life has been lived to the fullest in this novel is truly breathtaking. The story here is by far the best tale told in any Sploder game.

The greatest adventure, it is a tough decision to discern what it is. But now, all the quarreling is over. And the answer? You guessed it! This game. Such length, options, and unifying ideas have never been displayed before and since. This epic journey has the length and direction of every game on sploder combined and then some. Any member in his right mind, would desperately want the talent and skill it took to make the experience that comaroz has given to us. He has managed to make so much without losing one shard of interest from the player. Just one play of this game and I'm sure everyone will agree.

Take word searches, riddles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, and those contraption things in Indiana Jones movies and morph them into one collaborative being and you have the puzzles created by this game. I have yet to fully grasp the puzzles brought forth by this game; after years of pulling my hair out over the impossible challenges here, I finally defeated the game. Every attempt at each puzzle was even more enjoyable then the first, and the feeling of accomplishment after completing this is unrivaled by any other puzzle in existence.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Everything. This game is a masterpiece.

Cons: Nothing, a flawless gift bestowed upon us.


Adventure: 5/5

Timelessness: 5/5

Puzzles: 5/5

Story: 5/5

Ingenuity: 5/5

Action: 5/5

Overall: 6/5

I have never witnessed such greatness in one rectangular screen. I owe my eternal gratitude to comaroz. Incredible job.

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glass of lemonade NEW Reviewed by spidapig on Wednesday, July 6th 2011. A Glass Of Refreshing Victory And An Aftertaste Of Total Satisfaction - A game review written by spidapig for the game 'glass of lemonade NEW' by comaroz. Rating: 5