007: Madeline's Trap

By splatter :: Sunday July 19th, 2009


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007 just escaped from the Stalkers, and right when that happened, a MI6 Pilot came to get 007 out of here. The MI6 Helicopter escaped from the Stalkers, and went into the sky far from them. "The name is Madeline." The MI6 Pilot said. A few moments later, Madeline said, "Remember the mission in Nuuk, Greenland? Well, no one has still invade the base yet. The helicopter going there got shot down. So, we're about to go there and finish that mission. I have the red key that allows entrance into the base. Let's go." 007 grabs a parachute and gives one to Madeline. Madeline then presses a button that opens a door beneath 007. 007 is then falling through the sky, and Madeline then gets out a K-40, and parachutes out. "Goodbye, 007." Madeline says. She then shoots him. This is the third game in the 007 Series.


Tags: trapped

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