The Pressure Is Reaching Breaking Points.....

Review by sploderking27 on Thursday, February 2nd 2012
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Pressure Pads is a game created by 10000truths

A review on Pressure Pads by 10000truths.


As I tapped away at the keys with my aching fingers, I wondered why I could not complete this game. My mind was plummeted into a deep world of concentration and mindless thoughts. This is a game with mixed ratings, was perfectly made by a member called 10000truths.


The thumbnail is that of a laboratory almost, much like my chemistry ward at my school (Oh, the bad memories! XD) that is a clever atmosphere which makes you focuses on two different things at once, taking the main focus off the gameplay. It is a solely puzzling environment, so it is a great concentration enhancer.

Effect on Sploder

God. A very luring game. The minute I started I thought: “Sick, I am playing this.” I did just that, completing it in, well never. ?. The whole idea and concept of the game is puzzling, so the game isn’t over in two seconds, Bob’s your Uncle. It takes a splode load of concentration throughout, much to my despise, as I played this with a throbbing headache. *grumble* I liked the puzzles. They tease your brain, as I have said above; there was thought put into creating it. It was a hit on the forum when Truths announced his decision to publish it, as people were flocking in from everywhere.


The gameplay although is very simple, move the white block to the golden block. Level completed. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. (Contradiction fails!) However, I find that it is quite good, QUITE good. I personally find it a bit slow; knowing that it isn’t supposed to be a fast tempoed game, however, it takes the effect away from a game with stupendous potential. I was a slight disappointed, as it lagged (My PC is quite old though) It had the speed of a snail, so that frustrated me, into rage quitting. I had another go on a different computer, though. It changed it completely. What an improvement, no lag and an immense gaming experience. I was shocked when I got to the higher levels and I wondered: “How does anyone complete this?” It is manic. This had laggy side effects, even on the good computer. That could improve if Truths edited Pressure Pads; or, create a sequel, he could maybe add some collapsing floors or explosive blocks, just a suggestion.


The placement of blocks….. Is pretty good. They have been placed in such a way that you have to focus on the blocks while trying to focus on your enemies/hazards. It does make the whole experience tougher than it should be, like everyone in the barracks. :D You have to place your block on the exact right place, to save you from falling down, dying. Not good. There isn’t much to say on this. There are either, the hard blocks, which I have described, or the simple platform that you cannot fall off unless you fail epicly, or you just hit an unfortunate glitch.

Furthermore, delving into detail, the enemies are not featured in the first couple of levels. Personally, at no stage did I ever reckon I was going to encounter any enemies; so I was a bit shell-shocked when I got to the stage on enemies, as I got just from clicking go, and I am dodging the enemies. A bit of a downfall, for me; but I have had mixed opinions on this. I have many times looked at Truths’ You Tube video but I cannot do it… D: Maybe, a hope I should just give up on. My over all thoughts on the game, I really liked it. I will tell you further thoughts in my Ratings:


~Fun~ ***/***** The concept is original, but it does get a bit boring, because, personally the levels repeat.

~Challenge~ *****/***** it is a very challenging game. It gets very perplexing towards the 3rd level, maybe 4th.

~Originality~ *****/***** it is a great new concept the Truths has burst on to the MS. I quite like it, because OF its


~Scenery/Block Placement~ ***/*****. Meh. Meh. That’s all. I don’t go crazy with amazement, but it isn’t an epic fail. This means I cannot laugh out loud at it, and I don’t spit at its’ mediocrity. I don’t revel in its average-ness either.

~Enemy Placement~ **/***** This is a heavily opinionated choice rating. I don’t like it, because I am a nub at game playing. I FAIL. I can say this however, anyone who maybe good at this game, may beg to differ.

~Overall~ ***.5/*****. An average score, I did expect a slight better as he has been around for 3 years.

*Pros and Cons*:


Cool Concept: This concept was new to Sploder and had not materialized anywhere else before.

Avid placement: The placement was really quite good.

Inventive Ideas: It had lots of new ideas that no one had seen before.


Lack of Music: There was no music....

Feature worthy?

Yes. It is indefinitely feature worthy. There was so much greatness to revel in. It had a cool concept, avid placement and inventive ideas just as an overview. However, it has just the leeway for a con, as well as a pro. This game was designed very well and this is why:

It has Possibility: Before I would Feature a game would be verifying that it's possible. Whether or not someone has beaten the game, I would still make a commendable effort on getting through 80% of the game. However the game can't be as easy as pie cause that’s just stupid.

Scenery: It has good scenery which is stupendously challenging to integrate into PPG games (for me XD) so credit to 10000truths for that aspect to the game, however the scenery isn’t detailed.

Originality: There is no point in plagiarizing anything and expecting credit for it. Truths has built up as great deal of respect over 3 years here, so trashing it would be a fools’ path. He made the game from scratch and made it work.

Lag: Lag is not a vital essence into the featuring of a game, but some games have SO much lag, it completely makes the game splode. Whereas, Pressure Pads has NO lag that I found, apart from the time I was on my oldest computer.

Length: Neither is this a greatly important feature, but it helps. This game has the maximum amount of levels so it isn’t over before you can say “Poooork Pie!”

Conclusion: Well. Well. Well. Obviously from interpreting the review you would regard that I was enchanted in Pressure Pads, however there were the slightest cons. My adored facet of the game was conundrum and much if it was generated during the veins of this game and the whole Pressure Pad scheme was ingenious.


Pressure Pads Reviewed by sploderking27 on Thursday, February 2nd 2012. The Pressure Is Reaching Breaking Points..... - A game review written by sploderking27 for the game 'Pressure Pads' by 10000truths. Rating: 5