[S.K.K.R] Okay, I Don't Like Being Tangled!

Review by sploderking27 on Thursday, February 9th 2012
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Tangled is a game created by senbaki

This is a review of Tangled by Senbaki.

This is reviewed by me, Sploderking27.

- Firstly, welcome to my first review for my Station: S.K.K.R! It’s a pleasure.


Ohaider. This is Sploderking27 here, welcome to my 2nd review. Like it or not, here it is:


When I first loaded Tangled up on to my screen, I had no idea of the quality that the game would hold. Personally and honestly, I never rated Senbaki as a good game maker… I chose to review the game because as part of [S.K.K.R] it is my duty to make sure I review the worthy games that get put forward to me- just like every review station owner should do, right? So just doing my job by producing reviews for S.K.K.R and hoping that Senbaki likes it XD!


When you start the game, there are very wide corridors that look pretty nice. As you advance however, there becomes more and more like a Lordeldar game with magnificent artwork which looks, as the game suggests: ‘Tangled’. There are enemies dotted around right next to the ‘Tangled’ scenery which disguises them a bit as more so of a glitched thing, so you tend to ignore it, until it shoots a missile at you.


There is a great amount of games nowadays that have a fancy sort of start, but by the end, you were puzzled into why you should have even started to play the game. Every shooter I play now, I tend to think that way until I complete it, or die (My most likely option :D) So, I play through the game, not having my hopes up for any old stuff that may occur and leave my annoyed for the rest of the day. I kept thinking to myself; “Hang on…. Let me just find this out” or “where does this lead to? AH COME ON!” That kinda paid off because this game exceeded my expectations. It had a good variety of lots of different features so you never really got bored of playing. First, puzzles, then disruptors and you the picture…

There is a lot of backtracking to do in the game, because if you do something wrong, 99% of the time, it’s cost you the game…


As I got rather far, there was a lot of evidence that this was quite a puzzling game, as it has switch-polys here, there and everywhere! Ok, here you can insert your applicable mood, but at the time, I was kinda flummoxed. I didn’t really know what to do, I was tired, hungry, grumpy, annoyed- not the best mood for game testing really know? There are a nice range of puzzles also; not just sticking with your Poly’s. At the blue key, there is an un-evident teleport that you would just swan into and that completely ends the game there, stone dead in its’ tracks. Nice ideas, just not suited for a tired, hungry, grumpy and annoyed person. XD


When there were enemies about, they were spaced and placed well. [SPLODE RHYMING DICTIONARY ;D] They had enough space between them to re-vamp your sense of direction, but also the right amount of space to not lose the action effect of the game. Most of the enemies are well suited to the non-hardcore style of it, but there are a few little splodes that irritate me, those little speeders. I just can’t get along with them. I suppose though, they are a nice effect to any game, some little speeders. Furthermore, some of these enemies are isolated so it makes it harder for YOU to shoot them, but it is diddly squat for them.



Nice little artist aren’t you, Senbaki? He integrated a nice bit of art here and there, but that little art, made the game look…. Regal almost. Not to mention in some cases, enemy suburban! There isn’t a great deal of art about so I can’t go into extreme depth on this area under discussion.

However, when it is showing up, it is a great piece of art.



1. Addictiveness. It has a lot of addictiveness, as I felt the urge to play again and again.

2. Enemy range. There are a lot of enemies. DANG SPEEDERS! XD Yeah. There are a nice range of enemies and hazards.


I can’t seem to find any. I know this may seem like favouritism, but I really can’t seem to find any glaring cons about Tangled.


Addictiveness- _____/_____:

This game was extremely addicting which shows up in my pros and cons section. You always feel the urge to play the game even more and more.

Challenge- ___/_____:

Not very hard, this suits me. X) Yeah, I don’t really like hard games-being as so that I can never beat them- which writes games like BloodyMare off for me.

Originality- ___/_____:

Well, as far as I know, I haven’t seen many of these types of games around with the same sort of style as this, play through as it, but there are many a game with the same sort of puzzles (where there are any)

Puzzles- __/_____:

Sorry to be blunt, but there aren’t any puzzles as such that are greatly obvious or successful, my “raison d'être” for giving this a low score.

Design- ____/_____:

This has been quite well designed to be honest. I did like it a lot with the sweetest tinge of art here and there. It has a great assortment of everything nice.

OVERALL- ___.4/_____:

Feature Worthy

As StartrekZooka correctly said: “If you add more to it, then it’ll be worthy” At this moment in time, it isn’t worthy of being featured. If anything gets improved, and maybe gets longer, that would get featured no doubt. There is lag on my computer, so it took vital effect away from certain action packed parts of the game, which was mostly all of it, so credit for that. This is a sort of game that you need to play with a Windows Vista or higher, not sure about Apple products however…..


Overall, I was pretty chuffed with the game as I finished it. It pleased me that Senbaki had actually gone for a serious idea when posting in my thread as I have seen worse in my times on the forums. I suppose I couldn’t go as far as to say this is the best game I have seen (no hard feelings) but a nice game indefinitely. Well done Senbaki.

Thanks for reading my review. Criticism is appreciated, but please refrain from insulting criticism.