A MineCraft Adventure Pt 1

By spongejohn :: Saturday March 30th, 2013


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Steve Spawns Into A New World Of Minecraft. He Wants To Craft, Mine, Build, But Most Of All, He Wants To Be A Hero. He Starts His Adventure Right Here. He Wants To Defeat The Powerful Ender Dragon, And Become The Best Hero He Could Be. Want To Hear His Backstory? Read On. It Was When Steve Was A Baby, His Parents Were Very Poor. They Couldn't Afford Any Food At All. Life Was Sad, Until Steve Said, "I Can Help I Am A Hero!'" Everyone In The Village Thought He Was Joking. After 4 Years Of Telling People He Could Become A Hero, Steve Thought To Himself. He Realized A Certain Dark, Evil, Dragon Was Causing Chaos Around The Village, Burning Peoples Houses Down And Stealing Their Diamonds. When Steve Was Finally 18, He Got Mad At The Ender Dragon For Killing His Grandfather. Steve's Grandfather Was The Only One He Believed In Steve. Steve Cried At His Grandfathers Grave. Then He Remembered All The Adventures They Had Together. His Grandfather Was So Much Fun To Play With. They Fought Monsters, Built Monuments, And Looked Underground For Goodies. Steve Promised He'd Be A Hero To Avenge His Grandfather. So Steve Ran Out The Door And Started Looking For The Ender Dragon. Steve Noticed He Was Not Prepared. He Needs Golden Apples, A Diamond Sword And Enchanted Iron Armor. Steve Started Looking For Resources To Use. He Started His Adventure Now And Couldn't Wait To Be A Hero!


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