Luigis Mansion Dark Moon Mansion 1

By spongejohn :: Friday March 8th, 2013


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The Story: Professor E Gadd Is Working On Experiements With The Friendly Ghosts Of Evershade Valley. King Boo Goes Up To The Dark Moon And A Laser From His Crown Blasts Out Of It's Top And Destroys The Dark Moon, Causing The Once-Friendly Ghosts Of Evershade Valley To Become Hostile. Professor E Gadd Runs And Calls Luigi While He Was Resting While Eating Some Milk And Cookies In His Rank D Mansion From The Other Luigi's Mansion Nintendo GameCube. Professor E Gadd Prepares The Pixelizer And Sends Luigi And His Pixels To The Laboratory. Can Luigi Soak Up The Courage? I Am Totally Getting This Game!!!


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