By spoofing :: Wednesday September 29th, 2010


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Me and bobbler made this game. Well here's the plot.---------- 1345 B.C.E., the time of the ninja clan, we're you are the master. One day, Master Wang, walked into his garden until an ambush comes and makes him uncounsious. He wakes up, and see hi own members from the clan dragging him by his feet, he was too weak to walk or fight. He needs to rest.---------- One Day Later------- You, Master Wang, have been in prison, your former ninja students have sold you to the thugs and bandits and made you prisoner. Rest. Rest is all I need. --------------------One Month Later----------- I'm so used to this cell right now, I feel power. You must escape, now or never. And once you do, their is a destiny to be unfolded. (Part 1 of Part 4)


Tags: impossable

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