Pinball Arcade Season 2. 2.. Mobile

By sssrd70 :: Saturday April 29th, 2017


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Pinball Materials: 3 Flippers, 3 Jet Bumpers, Score Many Points As Many As Possible, 2 Side Bumpers, Added 2 Outer Lane Automatic Kickbacks For The Ball to Save, Including The Drain Shield. (The Ball Will Automatically Shoot Back Up Once Per Game Before The Ball Drains Completely.) (Ball Drain Proof), Replaced The Ball Launcher Back, Added 2 Multiball Activation Buttons. (Fixed Glitches Of The Machine, Latest Updates Without Pausing Or Resuming The Game And Newest Live Music, New Sploder Music, and Live Streaming On YouTube.) 5 Balls Per Game. Customized Textures for the New Flippers, Ball Activaions, And The Pinball Playfield. 5 Minute-Timed Game. (This Game Includes Mobile Edition)


Tags: pinball

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