Battle Ship

By star34 :: Sunday September 9th, 2018


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Place your ships to be aligned with the blocks on top. Drag the top ships from the top end, and drag the bottom ships from the right end. When the orange box spawns in, it means the computer is ready. While you wait for the computer to get ready, you can get ready. When It's your turn, click the center of one of the boxes on the bottom. Then click the blue box. Wait until you hear 3 spawn noises until it's your turn. The bot gets more shots because it's dumb, and it's to make this game harder and faster.-------------------------- When you click a square on the bottom and get a miss, a black peg will spawn. If you hit one, you'll get a coin and have to drag a red peg to that spot.---------------------------- This game took a long time to make. A lot of trial and error to make the ship placement for the bot to work. I put a lot of work into this, so I hope you like it.


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