Don't You Cast Yo Spell On Me!

Review by staylor21fan on Sunday, December 12th 2010
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Unreal Tournament is a game created by spellmage


Spellmage. Only know him from the forums. Sounds like he has some skills.


First of all, this will be a short review. I don't like 3D games. But I actually enjoyed playing this one. Spellmage is talented at 3D. He's got some EPIC skills. I want to see him make some shooters and platformers. I have a feeling he could have a lot inside of him to make platformer. Yes Spell, I'm requesting you to make an epic platformer.

Back to the game, this game was unbelievable. He put great mixtures of scenery to make you get involved in the game. He also had a good story line which makes you want to play the game. You work for everything you want. You want health? Go get it. This game was a great action game.

Placement was great. You didn't get many breaks in the game. You'd get a enemy to kill when you go around every corner. I really enjoyed playing this game. It was fun to play. Very addictive. When you die, you just wanna go back and click "Play Again" every time.

This was the first game I ever played by Spellmage, and it was unbelievable. As soon as I played this, I went back to his page and played all of his others. He's got skills. This deserves to be featured. Keep it up Spell.


Puzzle: ____ / _____
Placement: _____ / _____
Action: _____ / _____
Adventure: _____ / _____
Storyline: _____ / _____
Overall: ____ .89/ _____

Great Game Spellmage!


Unreal Tournament Reviewed by staylor21fan on Sunday, December 12th 2010. Don't You Cast Yo Spell On Me! - A game review written by staylor21fan for the game 'Unreal Tournament' by spellmage. Rating: 4