The Ultimate Infuriating Survival 2

By stickdude1234567 :: Tuesday August 9th, 2016


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I was bored, so I've decided to make this, and I didn't expect to make a sequel out of it, and then that's when I've titled it "The Ultimate Infuriating Survival 2". This time, the main boss orb had an upgrade, because his previous one wasn't very strong, and that's when he learned how to make epic patterns out of his stuff, but when he spotted a living little peppermint that moves around, (especially some other random activities as well,) he decided to put him in his box. It acted like a room with walls as a forcefield, and there was no escape from it. The only thing left to do is to survive! There are some tips I've made in the first game: If the link doesn't work, then just search for it. Actually, here are a couple of tips I could provide you with this game: TIP #1: Memorize the patterns on each level. TIP #2: Practice. TIP #3: Sorry, thats all I can give you, you'll have to figure it out yourself. (Wow, this game is hard... -.-)


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