Sonic Reborn LAST AGES

By supermarcel :: Thursday May 16th, 2019


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LAST STORY IN SONIC REBORN SERIES!! Story: As they thought the war ended, they were completely mistaken. Although Sonic.exe has been defeated, he had a secret weapon. They call this beast "THE RAGING DEVIL." He had power that might be equal or even better than what Sonic.exe had. The chances of victory is cut down to 0.1%. Can the legendary blue hedgehog move fast enough to save the world and end the war? Or will our hero end up in defeat? Other Names: Sonic Reborn 4, Sonic Reborn 4: LAST AGES, Sonic Reborn WAR part 2, Sonic Reborn WAR 2, Sonic Reborn 4: WAR Part 2, Sonic Reborn 4: WAR 2


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