Sonic Reborn WAR

By supermarcel :: Sunday May 5th, 2019


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Story: After the defeat of Mephiles, Sonic set out on a journey to learn about the secrets of Dark Magic. One year later, Sonic met with Sai and Zoro. Sai and Zoro was beat up and exhausted. The villain responsible for the beating Sai and Soro got was none other than Sonic.exe. Dr. Eggman was so scared of Sonic.exe that he declared to join forces with him so he won't get killed. Sonic.exe and Eggman sent out troops of robots to invade the towns, cities, countries, and eventually the world. They declared a war against "Team Sonic." Sonic would never forget them for hurting Sai and Zoro, so Sonic agreed to fight and save the world. It was war! But once Eggman and Sonic.exe is defeated, is the war really over?


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