Swimmer18 the Game Part 2

By swimmer18 :: Tuesday April 21st, 2015


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你好!这是 Swimmer18! (Hello, this is Swimmmer18) Here, we have the epic journey of Swimmer18 and his friends defeating Dark Swimmer18 and his evil minions. The goal of this game was to create good scenery without using many graphics to create a real Sploder world, and I think I accomplished that. Now, for those of you that missed Part 1, first, go play the game!(just kidding, you don't have to, but it would be appricated!) Second, we have the plot. One day, Swimmer18 was very tired of everything he had to do every day. So, he decided to create a clone of himself to do things that he didn't want to do. He successfully did this, and invited his friends Joltman001, Islander7, Autumnwinter, and Juniortennis7 to see it. But, that day, the clone malfunctioned and grew a mind of its own. And that mind had its eyes set on taking over the world. Dark Swimmer18 built a big airship that day, and traleved off with his friends M0derator390, Digustingisback, Theundead101, and Gamergirlxd to take over the world. Swimmer18 knows this cannot happen, and so he sets over to protect the world from Dark Swimmer18. After being defeated by the heroes in the Gwassy Grassland, Dark Swimmer18 and his crew go to the Icicle Valley. Now in control of the airship, the heroes follow. Thank you for playing, and if you think this game deserves it, please vote 5 stars and nominate.


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