Checkthepan's Scary Story

By thebestman :: Saturday August 30th, 2008


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There is a boy named Checkthepan who have made it to the forums. All of a sudden, there is zombies everywhere! Check's friends find him in a trash can begging for mercy. Then his friend take him to his house and planning to get rid of the zombies so the Sploder world will remain in peace. So his friend take him to a abandoned high school so training will begin. Then you cleared it and went to TheBestMan's hideout and he give him updates to his powers. Then Check went to his house but all of a sudden, his friends is already became zombies! Then TBM helped you and his friends is back to normal now. Now three of his friends gave him more updates. Now you went to the final place of the game - The Castle of the King of the Zombies. Now you have TBM, Tookewl, Darut1234, Obeliskos & Trio helping Check get through the castle and defeat the boss. This is your final attempt... Good luck.


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