This Jit Lives Up To The Hype

Review by theimage on Saturday, March 12th 2011
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CyberGangstar is a game created by bobbler

While I sometimes implore to look through the newer games made by newer members, it's become a little depressing to see how much effort newer members put in their games nowadays. Some of the games are solid, but none of them exceed expectations. We all have to start somewhere, right? It's never a bad idea to draw some inspiration from the pros on Sploder, and that's just one of the few reasons I'm reviewing this revolutionary game that just hasn't gotten enough attention.


I believe that Bobbler is one of the site's best platformer game maker, and for good reason, too. Jesus, he might be one of the best game makers on this site. But with all the hype he toted along with the release of CyberGangstar, it made me wonder if it could exceed the expectations. Before the release of this game, (Actually, quite a while back) I talked with Bobbler, and he mentioned that the "platformer puzzles have run dry". Ouch. This is coming from a guy who specializes in this department. Thankfully, our administrator pulled through, and provided us an update full of new stuff. Thus, CyberGangstar was born.


The gameplay was extremely consistent and well thought-out in this game. Nearly everything has an integral part of the game, instead of merely taking up space. The levels are massive-they provide an open-world setting that your character roams around in. There are a vast amount of hidden spots and bonus areas found in the game, and these areas provide re-playability. The first time I played this game, I played for two hours-and didn't win. This game is huge and expansive.


The action in this game is super balanced, as there are an array of enemies permeating the game maps. There are a few wrinkles in the game that could have been ironed out, but it doesn't take away from the game (Backgrounds, enemies not responding, etc.) There are only a few of these wrinkles found in the game, so while it's not perfect, it is incredibly fun to play.

Puzzles and Traps

There are a vast array of puzzles and traps found throughout the game map. One particular one of the final levels had me cornered for half and hour. Seriously, I tried hitting that perm ring switch, climbing up the ladder, and then anyone within a mile of my house could hear a loud stream of profanities. But that's okay because unlike some puzzles or traps that are frustrating-Bob crafts such a labor of love-these puzzles and traps just make the game all the more addicting.


The storyline was somewhat serious while maintaining a humorous tone throughout the game. I even laughed at parts when you would encounter a somewhat strange or bizarre character while completing your trek. Just a handful of the quotes from this game...

"Ee Nature you scary", "You ghei or something?", "OH JUNK WE GOT COMPANY!"

Those are just a few of the comments, and as long as you don't mind minor inappropriate themes that were used or bypassed, this makes for a hilarious game.

Overall Thoughts and Summary

CyberGangstar is a terrific game, no wonder it has almost made it into EGL. Anyone can play it, as the difficulty ranges from low to high. It can be challenging at times, or seemingly simple at times. I can't believe how open-ended this game is. I'll be surprised when Bobbler stops surprising us with good games.

The Final Tally


Final thoughts: Yes, there are flaws in this game. But they're so minor, it really doesn't take away from the entire product. I think I have a new favorite.


CyberGangstar Reviewed by theimage on Saturday, March 12th 2011. This Jit Lives Up To The Hype - A game review written by theimage for the game 'CyberGangstar' by bobbler. Rating: 5