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Review by theloaf56 on Sunday, November 13th 2016
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Tom and Jerry is a game created by boredgame

Hello there people. Today I am reviewing Tom and Jerry by the member Boredgame. Boredgame has made several PPG’s back in the day where graphics were non-existent and people had to use the textures in creative ways. Let’s just get into the review.

First impressions:

Ok, Let me say that I was amazed by the scenery. The Tom and Jerry graphics looked really well made. The scenery compliments the game in an excellent fashion. The scenery looks better than any other PPG made by Boredgame without graphics. Boredgame made a bunch of PPG’s back then, where games were a lot easier to get featured, and when there wasn’t any graphics, which made things a challenge when it came to making it look professional. This is the best instance of scenery in any PPG back when there was a challenge in terms of making games look professional.


All games need a story, right? Well, there is NO story at all. Let’s look at the description, shall we?

‘‘Presenting... My real version of Tom and Jerry! If you liked the demo, you'll like this one as much or even more because this version is filled with music, more levels each with a challenge to face and more Tom and Jerry awesomeness :) Hope you like it... ENJOY!’’

No story is there, which is a bummer, since I would expect a solid story involving Tom and Jerry. At least Tom and Jerry and their antics is something,but that doesn’t make a story for a game. It’s been only two sections so far and we found our first bad thing about the game.


Let’s get into the meat and gravy of the game. The gameplay is basically Tom and Jerry and their antics. You get to play as Tom and Jerry, which I thought was a nice touch. However, the game is too short. If the creator added more levels, I would like it a bit better. The game has only two Tom and Jerry characters, Tom and Jerry. I would like to see more characters from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, because there’s a huge lack of characters in the game. The game can be challenging as well. There are two levels that show this, the knife(or spike?) dodging level, and the fruit basket level. These require fast thinking, as well as skill. If it had more to it, the gameplay would be a great part of the game, but sadly, it has flaws. I expected more in the gameplay department. Tom and Jerry would of been a interesting thing to turn into a Sploder game, but it failed due to the short length. It is still good, however, but not as good as I expected it to be.


When Tom and Jerry come to mind, you might expect a silly game with no challenge at all, but this has challenge, even though it is silly. Boredgame made sure the challenge was excellently executed. The knife(or spike, who cares what it is) level makes the player react fast. The fruit basket level makes you move quick to get the fruit before Jerry does. These are excellent examples of challenge. However, I wanted more of this challenge if it had more levels. Either way, the challenge here is a good example of what a good challenge should be, at least for the game’s time. Many games on Sploder these days have better challenge, but this is pretty good and it shows what people could do with the physics creator.


The music fits the levels perfectly, just like the scenery did. It compliments the game in a similar fashion that the scenery had. If this game had more levels, I would like to see what music Boredgame would add in those levels. Anyways, the music fits well with what scenario the player is going through, such as the knife level makes it fast paced, and the first level is calm and upbeat.

Enough said, the music compliments the game well. The music is one thing that needs to be brought up when talking about a game.

Final thoughts:

I will put together all my thoughts on the game before I score each area I covered. Let me just say that I enjoyed the game. It was made back in the day where getting features was a easy thing, and people just had to use the textures in a creative way to make the game feature worthy and professional. The scenery and music were the best parts, as they complimented the game and they made the game enjoyable. However, it was too short and it needed more challenging levels that force you to react fast. I know the scenery was a pain to make because back then, in order to make a feature worthy game, you needed to put work into the scenery. This game didn’t appeal to me too much, and I found games made these days to be much better in terms of length and challenge. However, this is still an enjoyable game, if you are a Tom and Jerry fan, for the most part.


First impressions:7/10






Music complimenting the gameplay

Complimenting scenery

Feels like a Tom and Jerry cartoon


Small bits of challenge

Short length

Final Verdict: eight in a half out of ten


Tom and Jerry Reviewed by theloaf56 on Sunday, November 13th 2016. [Application] Cat And Mouse - A game review written by theloaf56 for the game 'Tom and Jerry' by boredgame. Rating: 3