Times Collide Episode VI

By theluckydiamond :: Sunday December 4th, 2016


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Episode VI: [Dare to Battle] || When Lavalinn builds a time machine and it malfunctions, TheLuckyDiamond and his friends from the past come into the future. But it wasn't just him and his friends... his enemies came, too. Watch (and sometimes play) as TheLuckyDiamond, FuzTheHamster, Ironwolf44 and Lavalinn, as well as many returning characters like Meecha773, Awesomeguy78, Absol300, Whitekirby9, Ironwolf44 once more and Nicogon74 try to save Classic TheLuckyDiamond and stop the evil-doings of familiar enemies! || Sorry for such the big buildup about the battle, but there won't be one. Originally, there was going to be a battle, but I have no clue how to create a boss battle. :/


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