How to change your cursor:

By thesupuhgamer :: Sunday November 28th, 2010


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(This game is mainly based on the following description provided, the game is not what we are focused on at this time) For those who do NOT know what a cursor is, it is the mouse on your screen that clicks everything when you want it to. Well I want to tell you how to change the looks of your "cursor". Step one: go to "Start" which is at the bottom left side of your screen. STEP 2: Go to "Control Panel". STEP 3: you should see a bunch of icons, click on the mouse icon. STEP 4: If you DONT see that icon, then simply type in "mouse" in the search section of the box that poped up. STEP 5: You should see tabs at the top, clikc "pointers". STEP 6: Click "browse". Okay now, you should know how to take it from there, if you did NOT understand what the rules where saying, then please tell me. Tell me what you didn't understand. If you DID understand the rules, then tell me please. Thank you for reading. Oh, and vote/nominate this game, if you want..


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