The Unforgiven 2 Pipes Trap Crystal

By theunforgivenwarrior :: Sunday August 2nd, 2009


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This is the second game in my series... Wait!! I didn't tell you the story!!! splode... uh.. Once upon a time, there were to warriors. They both decided to betray their leader and kill him. They succeeded. Their new master became mad at them, so the first warrior told him, "It was all his fault! This warrior told me to betray!" The first warrior became forgiven, but the second warrior was still unforgiven. The unforgiven warrior broke out in a furious rage, and stole the 10 crystals of life, which were stored in (1) the Unforgiven Tower, (2) The Ocean Of calmness, (3) The Cave of Fire, (4) The Steel Tundra, (5) The Puzzle Maze, (6) The Stone Of Power, (7) The Mountain of Strenght, (8) The Volcano of Wiseness, (9) The Wastelands of Speed, and (10) The Temple of life. He was caught by the Forgiven Warrior and was forced to place the crystals back to where the are supposed to be. He is now trying to obtain them again... [(Story: It turned out that the crystal was a fake- it turned into a trap made of pipes! But, The Unforgiven Warrior new how to get out. The crystal was cloes by, so he tried to nab it. But, guards surroned the place, making him unable to advance. So, he got out some grenades. BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!)]


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