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Review by thunderleaf on Monday, July 18th 2011
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Impulse is a game created by lcraniuml


I remember testing this, and now it's featured, so this should be really good.


Impulse is quick and fast-pace game by lcraniuml. It is full of traps, nitros, and mortars, making it a challenging game. There was a lot of action and the whole game revolved around speed, and every once in a while you have to think your way through. Also, there's no lag, forcing you to move quicker to prevent yourself from dying. The gameplay is ingenious and well-made.

What really got me interested into this game was the nitro and mortar combination; to survive in the game, you pretty much have to go into "seek-and-destroy mode" and destroy all the mortars before they blew up some deadly nitros next to you. Also, there's these Speeders placed cleverly in annoying places, so you have to destroy them before they start to significantly lower your health, making it an easy kill from the mortars and nitros. I also really liked how lcraniuml crammed all this awesome action into a somewhat-short game.

As mentioned above, the action was intense and fast-paced. There's mostly mortars, nitros, and some speeders here and there, so it get's a bit repetitive for the first few sequences, but then it the action get's more intense and some harder puzzles start to pop up.

The puzzles of the game were fairly simple, but increased difficulty as the game progressed. For example, the first puzzle was pretty easy; just find the switch. Later on during the third sequence's beginning, you're surrounded by multiple nitros and you have to escape without blowing yourself up to your death. Overall, the puzzles were brilliant, but the action overshadowed the puzzles and trickery a bit.

The enemy placement was amazing, it seemed like lcraniuml made the game so you had to face an enemy, whether you liked it or not. The mortars were placed perfectly and could easily hit you or a deadly, explosive nitro, which were perfectly placed all over the game. I don't think I've ever seen nitro placement as good as this game's.

Scenery wasn't really significant in Impulse. There's a hint of decoration here and there, but that's pretty much it. Also, occasionally the scenery will affect the game a bit, but there's no major significant influence. I honestly don't care; Impulse is still an epic game.

All in all, Impulse was a great game. The action was fast-paced and proved to be a good challenge, the placement was fantastic, and the puzzles were great. This surely was a game that I enjoyed, and I have no doubt that this will be rated 5 stars by multiple game-players. Amazing job lcraniuml, you blew my mind with this game.


-Great action

-Ingenious mortar and nitro combo


-Clever placement of objects


-Not much scenery


Action: _____/_____
Challenge: ____.7/_____
Effort: ____.9/_____
Placement: _____/_____
Scenery: __/_____
Overall: ____.9/_____

Keep up the good work lcraniuml!


Impulse Reviewed by thunderleaf on Monday, July 18th 2011. An Epic Game - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'Impulse' by lcraniuml. Rating: 4