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Review by thunderleaf on Monday, July 16th 2012
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Ravequest 3 by Elroysice

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As you may have read about in my reviews of the past, I'm a huge fan of the Raveknight series, and Ravequest 3 is sadly the end of one of the possibly greatest platformer series on Sploder (there will be a spin-off series though).

Anyway, this is my second review for P.E.G. I decided to write a review today, because I love this game and P.E.G only has two games reviewed so far.


What made the Raveknight saga so appealing to me is how much effort was put into this game, especially with the huge size of the game. When I beta tested it (thanks to finishing second in Elroysice's Birthday Bash Contest) and checked it out on the forums, I recall him mentioning that a couple of the levels had 1,300 tiles. I know that after since around 2 years ago, everybody started to make gigantic platformers, with around 10,000 objects used in them. But could you imagine how much effort it would take to construct these behemoths of platformer games? Sure, I know a lot of people just copy and paste blocks all over the place, but to actually make a great game with a huge number of objects used is really quite a task.

As mentioned in that giant paragraph above (lol), Elroysice incorporated a boat-load of components into Ravequest 3, and the items really connected to the story and provided a great backdrop to the playfield. The scenery was superb, and very creatively placed together. For example, in the first level Elroysice used the doors that usually finish the game as part of the backdrop for the shops in the marketplace. In the third level, Elroysice used a bit of lighting effects to match the gameplay's tone, which I haven't really seen much of out of his games, which added a bit of more visual appeal on top of the stunning scenery.

The gameplay was fun and exciting. When the game was released, I was in Arizona, so after I took off another week of Sploder (2 weeks) because I had a summer camp, I checked back and eagerly played the game to find out what happened next in the infamous Raveknight saga. I can't really explain what it feels like to play Ravequest 3, it's just an element building up in you, especially if you started from the first game, Raveknight, and then played all the games in between. Just try all of them out, and you'll see what I mean.

The storyline was great, but it was really linear, like the Halo series. The game was expansive, vast, and had a lot of hidden things, but the storyline was pretty straight forward. For the majority of the time, you had to follow a specific path, or you're screwed. The storyline really depicted the tale and final fate of the last Raveknight, and it really was what made the whole series so successful, fun, and appealing to the general Sploder audience.

I really enjoyed playing Raveknight 3. By that, I really did. Sometimes, I just say the game was fun, just so I could wrap up a review that took me forever to write, but when I said that, I sincerely liked the game. Every EGD, Elroysice outdoes himself with a new installment to the series. It's such a shame that the series has to end, but out of the ashes a new thing rises, so I'll be content with the spin-off series. Great game, great creator, great way to end the series with a bang.


-Fun and exciting.

-Good storyline.

-Good scenery and placement.


-A little too linear.

-End of a stellar series that blew everyone's mind.


Action: ____.25/_____
Challenge: ____.5/_____
Placement: ____.75/_____
Design: _____/_____
Overall: ____.75/_____

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Shout out to Deathleaf and Elroysice, lolwut. Just something I felt like I had to say, xD.


Ravequest 3 Reviewed by thunderleaf on Monday, July 16th 2012. Raving About Ravequest 3 [P.E.G Studios] - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'Ravequest 3' by elroysice. Rating: 4