#ThrowbackThursday Review: DarkQuest RPG

Review by thunderleaf on Friday, May 17th 2013
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DarkQuest RPG is a game created by spidapig

Here we are again, on another Thursday. In glorious honor of our stupid internet rituals, I will conduct another review of a dated game for Throwback Thursday. Today, I will be writing about DarkQuest RPG by one of my friends and favorite game makers, Spidapig. A warning to all those who play the game, it is VERY, VERY, VERY laggy.

DarkQuest RPG was published in 2010 near the inception (the birth of, not the movie) of the "new" shooter objects. If you've been around on Sploder prior to 2010, you know what I'm rambling about. Many game makers were just tooling with these new-fangled gadgets, and with the text platforms, the RPG making exploded into a new fashion. DarkQuest RPG has a special memory; I was the sole beta tester, therefore Spidapig made me a character on one of the paths (see appendix for more info).

As far as I'm concerned, there's not really a major goal to the game. It's a thrilling (but slow) adventure protecting the world. It's a classic RPG, but massive. If you pull up the game right now, the immense lag is a product off of the tremendous size of the game and the objects. Spidapig has beautifully crafted a world. I remember spending literally 1.5 hours playing the game. There are so many options, so many choices, the story is just purely great.

There are many traps, all varying on how you play the game. Sorry for the spoiler, but first off, YOU CAN'T CHOOSE EVIL, so presumably that is a minor trap. There is lava, mud traps, swarms of evil fighters, and likewise. There are many puzzles, paths, and objectives. This is pretty much the Inception of Sploder RPG's (another use of inception, this time referencing the movie, see appendix). The role is solely up to you, you can be the "playful" explorer or the hero the world has been looking for. You can loot cities by taking advantage of your "protector" status, or you can destroy evil. How much the game can vary is outstanding. Many people can make an RPG, but not many people can make an hour long or more adventure.

There's so much of the game I can't cover, because I've only played the game for only a couple of the possibilities. Please check out DarkQuest RPG if your computer can hold up and see it for yourself. The crafting of the game is unbelievable and you can distinctly see the hard work put into it. If you enjoyed the game, you can also check out the rest of Spidapig's work, new or old.


Difficulty: ___/_____

Not really hard, just a long adventure. It is possible to die, but the game has medium difficulty. Suitable for these youngin's searching for a classic to play.

Craft: _____/_____

Buwm. Good placement everywhere.

Originality: ____/_____

Not the first guy to make an RPG, but this is one of the first massive adventures of its kind.

Enjoyment: ____.5/_____

Fun game. I kinda played it for 1.5 hours for a reason lol.

Overall: ____.75/_____

Great game, definitely should play if your computer can handle it.



Character named after me is (huge surprise) Thunderleaf. He's a weapons guy who gives you upgrades and acts as a teammate helping you throughout the game if he lives.


So what is inception? It doesn't mean something inside of something, it merely means "the birth of." The only reason the movie was called Inception is because (spoiler alert) they were planting an idea is Fischer's mind, being the birth of the idea that will spread through his mind. Don't understand? Watch the movie, it's an excellent film.


DarkQuest RPG Reviewed by thunderleaf on Friday, May 17th 2013. #ThrowbackThursday Review: DarkQuest RPG - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'DarkQuest RPG' by spidapig. Rating: 4