|{ey (A Game Made By Spidapig)

Review by thunderleaf on Sunday, December 19th 2010
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Key is a game created by spidapig

First things first...

How did this game end up here?

Spidapig asked me to review it, so I reviewed it.


Fence art.


Key is a very complex and difficult game. It has a lot of puzzles (most involving switches), but some minor action as the game progresses. Also as the game progresses, the pace of the game increases.

The puzzles in the game are very complex, and you need to pay attention to your surroundings and use your radar a lot. Also, you need to be patient to be able to think over the puzzles. For an example, there's the Bounce Poly puzzle, you need to figure out the pattern by thinking it out, otherwise you hit the wrong switch, and you're trapped. All in all, Key is an awesome game.


Fun: __/_____
Challenge: ____.98/______
Addictiveness: ___/_____

Nice job Spidapig!