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By toadettegirl :: Wednesday August 14th, 2013


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Instructions. 1. Make a costume of yourself with your avatar. 2. Choose your ability such as ice,fire,earth, etc. 3. Choose a name for your super hero such as superman etc. 4. Professor P is the penguin who will help you out threw missions.5. I will make an mission for each of you. Every time you finish a mission, you get one award. And after you finish 5 missions you level up ONCE. Your first mission will be easy, but once you get to umm let's say level 7. Your missions will be harder, meaning harder to finish the mission and get a award. Once your in level 10. You will now get 2 awards every completed mission. Let's say you completed level 19's 5th mission. Now your in Level 20. But this time there is only ONE mission not 5. That mission you will earn 10 awards. But, it will not be easy. Once you finish it, you will earn the 10 awards and your Sploder Super Hero career will be finished. Any questions? comment bellow. Join Sploder Super Heroes NOW! SSH stands for Sploder Super Heroes


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