Underground Laser Facility Escape

By tobystratus8 :: Friday June 22nd, 2012


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You are one small boy called Harvey aged 7. You were to be locked in this awful facility. No one dares to care about helping you escape, so you are now locked. If you kill all enemies, you'le draw an SOS sign, and wait for a chopper to pick you up. The real puzzle is the game. Only the wizard shows his face, at the start. This is just one level. If you ask me, this is meant to get a huge amount of views. You residents of Sploder may be able to complete this, but only the experts or moderators, just to let you know. If you do, let the others know, the ones that are on the forums if you are. If I get at least 1,000 views on this game, I will make number 2. It'll go from this one, 1 to 6. Hope I'm more famous!


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