isolation Part1

By toosan :: Monday March 16th, 2015


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WAIT!!! ...thank you. This game is a very early draft, and it will be remade. The remake should be free-roam, and include realistic shading, a new and improved layout, revamped visuals, more traps and enemies, harder puzzles, a better and more haunting atmosphere, a new game mechanic, internal dialogue, easter eggs, and even more. Also, I have finally decided upon what the game's story will be, and as such it will be added into the remake. However, there is one specific part I require assistance on. The new graphics. I want to make ultra-high quality graphics, and variants of all the blocks I already have, and more. I am pretty good at making games with my available resources, making graphics is a whole other story. If you, or anybody that you know on Sploder would be interested in helping, please let me know about them, and let them know about me. Thank you all very much for reading this far. Now enjoy the game!


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