Review by tritertitan on Monday, July 16th 2018
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Jingo 2 Recoded is a game created by supersonic72

Yeah, I know, I'm actually writing a review. Surprising, considering it's been a while since I've actually felt like doing it. Well, here I am. Reviewing the egd game that looked most interesting to me. I've always sorta gravitated towards platform ppg's, so this was the first egd game I played this year, but I'm on my way to playing more, and more reviews for all the ppgs this year will be coming as well. That's beside the point, you don't care. This is called a review for a reason. Let's start already.

First look and scenery:

Iím going to say this right out the bat. This is not a pretty looking game. It really doesn't really showcase any type of unique art direction and it seems like supersonic72 just backdropped a rectangle for every level. I hate it when games do this. It isn't scenery, or really anything if we're going there. It's pretty much a necessity to implement at least a bit of scenery into your levels. Especially the first level. There's no graphics used for the scenery here. However, one thing I actually did like was the color choice for each level. I always pay close attention to how well the colors in a level blend together, and the color selection for all the platforms and such are pretty good. They mix well with each other and nothing looked out of place. It's pretty unfortunate that it is weighed down heavily with the quality of the background and scenery. It's your average jump, aim, and shoot type of game. One of the first things I noticed here was that this game is incredibly easy. You can actually just spam your projectile throughout the whole level without really having to do much else. The placement on the enemies looked pretty forced. They're more in clumps of three and in ridiculous amounts as well. There are too many enemies in most of the levels. As I should say, "quality over quantity." Unfortunately, it really does get worse. The first level of gameplay is actually level 3 in the game. This game utilizes the extra levels glitch in ppg. Which allows you to have more levels than 9 in your game. I don't have a problem with this. However, I do have a problem that the extra levels are only there for the sole purpose of adding a story to the game, and there are a lot of these so called "cut scenes." I don't remember from memory, but I believe there were around 4 or 5, not including the ending. So as for first impressions, I wasn't too impressed.


"It's been a few months since the "evil Warrior King" Pim, alongside his monster army tried and failed to take over Orose, Jingo's homeland. Now he's returned, stronger than before, with three new dungeons, each more treacherous than the last. Can Jingo stop Pim once again? Or will the Warrior King prove more successful than last time?"

The story element in a sploder game is never really something I care for too often, as it's the thing I pay least attention too when playing games like this. The story in this game is absolutely fine. It's simple, and to the point. Not too dramatic or tragic. Just a simple hero's tale, and it doesn't need to be anything else.

Gameplay and level design:

As I said in my first impressions, something really glaring I noticed was how darn easy this game was. So much of the difficulty is just completely thrown out the window, because at the end of the day, there isn't much difficulty left when you can just spam your projectile and annihilate every enemy in your path faster than Thanos can snap his fingers. You can actually just walk forward and spam your mouse click throughout the entire game and you'll be fine. As for the gameplay itself, it's another "grab the keys, shoot the baddies" type of game. There's no other mechanics added into the game. Unless you count being able to select your appearance at the beginning of each level, (which I will admit was pretty cool) you can't really notice anything unique about the levels. I've seen this in other games already, give me something I haven't seen. You grab keys, unlock areas, jump and shoot, then reach the goal. Sounds quite familiar.

The level design is actually pretty decent. Again, like most of the game, it's kinda basic and nothing here is new, but the platforms are well placed and nothing really bugged me too much. The enemies, again as said before, are just horrifically over-placed. There are too many. They're placed in awkward positions that make it pretty difficult not to lose a life, specifically in the first level. All in all though, the game is still horrendously easy. You're given too many lives and there's extra lives scattered throughout the levels as well. Not being challenged just makes the game boring and unsatisfactory. Now, the boss battles, holy splode, they really aren't even boss battles. You can just stand and spam your mouse click and win. It's like supersonic72 didn't know where he was going with the boss battles. The bosses should be something to build up to, they should be challenging. A recurring problem throughout jingo 2 Recoded. The bosses really don't even look like well-made graphics if I'm being completely honest. They don't seem like intimidating or cool looking villains. I really wish I had more to say, but there really isn't much else to say, so I leave it here.


Despite this being almost a completely negative review, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy myself playing this game. It feels fun, and reminds me of an old-school Mario game with shooting mechanics. However, the game is too easy and is really just a rehash of other peopleís ideas. Nothing here feels new, and it really does almost ruin the decent amount of fun I had playing Jingo 2 Recoded.

First impression and scenery: 3.5/10

Story: 7.5/10

Gameplay and level design: 5.5/10

Final score: 5.5/10


Jingo 2 Recoded Reviewed by tritertitan on Monday, July 16th 2018. THIS IS JINGO, HES GOT MY BACK, I WOULD ADVISE NOT GETTING KILLED BY HIM, HIS STAFF TRAPS THE SOULS OF ITS VICTIMS - A game review written by tritertitan for the game 'Jingo 2 Recoded' by supersonic72. Rating: 2.5