The Frost

By troybonniemech :: Friday January 1st, 2016


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Story:Frost was so sick of all of the happiness going around in Sploder Town,Frost wanted all the happiness to go because of all of the pain he had felt all alone in the frosty darkness.Santa only came to Sploder Town once a year to give the people of sploder presents and a stronger spirit that kept Sploder Town all together.Frost wanted his revenge on Santa so that the people of Sploder Town would loose their well woven spirit of x-mas everywhere and feel his pain he had for centuries.But,on one fateful x-mas,Frost got what he had desired!Frost destroyed the town of Sploder and went to Santa to make the people of Sploder have even a weak enough spirit to the point that they don't feel like they will never ever have hope!But one fateful hero could save the people of Sploder Town!His name was troybonnniemech!

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