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Review by troyio on Monday, February 4th 2013
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Sato's Realm is a game created by lumberjay

How’s it going Sploder? It’s ya boy Troyio here with my third review, which will be on Sato’s Realm by lumberjay. It is a featured Arcade Game that was released last week.


If you haven’t realized a new creator is out on Sploder already you’re either too engulfed in making another creator game or you’re absolutely brain dead. It has been the talk of the forums and I am sure the main site for well over three months. Its release was somewhat delayed but when Geoff randomly debuted it to the forums, many flocked trying to produce a game that would go down in history as part of the first batch of featured games, also known as, the classics. Sato’s Realm was the second Arcade Game featured two days right after the Arcade Creator’s release. In my opinion, it is the first Arcade Game feature since Omega’s is more of a tutorial, no offense to Omega. But being the first feature when many said it would take a month to get featured meant it had to be good! So I dropped the game I was creating and went to go see what lumberjay had produced!


I am getting quite familiar with lumberjay’s work considering this his second game I’ve reviewed out of all three of my reviews. Knowing this, high expectations were present. Though new, Sato’s Realm previewed a different thumbnail than its counterparts. You can go look at the Featured Games page right now and it stands out for some reason. It was an excellent way to differ from the pack. Now if the rest of the game could prove different from many normal games already released, we may have a classic on our hands.

With items like the honey platform given in the new creator, I had a feeling some people would capitalize and make some interesting puzzles or tricks. Lumberjay showed us his puzzle talents in the very first level! As I progressed through the level after having to think my way through his course, I was actually kind of jealous I didn’t think of that. The puzzles and use of items was very well done and showed not only creativity but immense originality. I guarantee the majority of games focused around puzzles from now on will have similarities to lumberjay’s makings.

Reviewing Retro Arcade games can get difficult due to the fact they are a lot different than the other creators. You can make the argument it is a cousin of the Platformer but the RPG feel that it possesses simply just blows it past the others. Lumberjay kind of disappointed me with the length of Sato’s Realm. I know it was his first Arcade game and he had made in one day I believe. Very acceptable due to the situation but I believe the short stages will not be accepted further into the future if you want to impress people. The short stages did not handicap my opinion on Sato’s Realm though. The quality within those short levels was ridiculous and easily made up for it.

Now that I’ve really went over the things I enjoyed about Sato’s Realm, I’ll talk about some things I thought could use improvement. The first sequence of the entire game was very clever but I thought could’ve bid well later in the game. I remember the first time I attempted to play. I quit after five minutes because it was so frustrating. Most likely over half of the people who played Sato’s Realm quit after the beginning. Lumberjay seemed to have misjudged the difficulties within the levels and stages. It reached a really annoying point where I was fully frustrated. An ease into difficulty would have benefitted the game tremendously.

As I said before, the thumbnail was pretty unique. The scenery? Not so much. It seemed to lack in variety or creativity. Once again, I realize this game’s conditions. Nothing really pulled me within the game and made me feel like I was in an environment. Zero atmosphere and a cliché story really summed up the extras in Sato’s Realm. Looking back on lumberjay’s previous games and storylines, it was highly surprising. Though this category was not as bad the difficulty rollercoaster, I wasn’t very fond of it.

There is no doubt that Sato’s Realm is one of the best Arcade games out at the moment. I believe only six have been featured this far. It’s only competition for the best out right now would have to Adventure Zone by Mat7772 in my opinion. Sato’s Realm was a great experience and showed off many puzzles that will be reused for years. I just hope that people remember where those seemingly every day puzzles to them came from when they were brand new to Sploder. Congrats lumberjay for receiving the first official feature of the Retro Arcade creator. You deserved it.


Creativity: 10/10 (Original and great puzzles)

Effort: 5/10 (Short stages)

Gameplay: 5.5/10 (Great puzzles but difficulty was not attractive)

Scenery: 5/10 (Limited at the time)

Fun: 6/10 (I did enjoy playing it)

Overall: 31.5/50

Feature Worthy? Yes, it was full of lumberjay’s originality and had more positives than negatives


In conclusion, Sato’s Realm debuted many of the new creator’s potentials. It was good to see someone succeed so early with their clever makings. Of course, we’ll look back and think of it as above average. I tried to not give a conditional review. I looked at it as if the creator has been out for years. But no matter what, Sato’s Realm was a solid game that I enjoyed playing and I think many would as well.


Sato's Realm Reviewed by troyio on Monday, February 4th 2013. New Realms - A game review written by troyio for the game 'Sato's Realm' by lumberjay. Rating: 3.5