A Challenge Only For Pros... Noobs, Stay Out!!!

Review by tudorsavaki on Wednesday, September 29th 2010
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Fringe is a game created by zas04

Tudorsavaki Review #44

Yes, it is possible to go through that windmill.

It happens quite often to get out of that windmill in the correct side. But it's very annoying at the beginning. I admit, I hated this game for this.

The Map is extremely bad and makes this game hardly playable. You can get glitched into the ramp walls, that's extremely annoying. There's also the teleporting puzzle- trap, which I personally dislike, but some people might find it funny.

If you jump through the ramp walls at the beginning without taking the torch, you're doomed! Bye... You have to refresh the page. There's no light on the walls. I will comment this more in the next paragraph.

The Art of the Game

- It is inexistent. There aren't enough lights in the game, except the torch you've got and the hotblocks. Whenever you jump in water, you're surrounded by darkness.


- Extremely difficult, but possible

- Ingenious traps

- Good enemy placement


- Bad map

- Low detailed (almost inexistent).

What saves Fringe??

- The quality of the puzzles. Those are excellent.

- The enemy placement is quite good also.

- You can take multiple choices in this game, and even if there is only one (or two, or let's just exxagerate to a maximum of 3) that takes you to the finish.

- There is no lag, otherwise it would ruined totally this game.


- More light in the game... Don't light every corner, if you want to make the torch necessary, but the beginning puzzles are extremely annoying.


Addictiveness: ____/______
Action: ________/__
Enemy placement: _________/_
Map: _____/_____
Puzzles: ___________
Health & Weapons:____/______
Fun: _______/___

(maybe I over-rated or under-rated the fun of the game).

Overall: 7.10, but considering the puzzles, it would have deserved 8 with a proper system of lights across the map.


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