The Soldier Apprentice By Sack

Review by tudorsavaki on Thursday, October 28th 2010
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The Soldier Apprentice is a game created by sack

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The Soldier Apprentice

Is this game addictive? I only played it 5 minutes (3 tries) to win it.

There is a trap at the beginning, there is a certain symmetry, maybe the author thought people might go to left or right depending their personal preferences or their keyboards/joysticks.

There is some good action in this game, even if it is for a short time (short game).

The wizard is the good guy, the owl(s) are the villains.

Enemy placement, good, considering the shortness of the game.

Map: I like the volcano in the background, but Sack didn't work too much.

6/10 for Health & Weapons and Puzzles, the game is too easy because of those aspects of this game.

Fun: that's how much fun I've had while playing The Soldier Apprentice.


Addictiveness: _______/___
Action: _______/___
Enemy placement: ________/__
Map: _______/___
Health & Weapons:______/____
Puzzles: ______/____
Fun: ________/__

Overall: _______.18/__

Conclusion: It could have been a good game, but it's too short! The Soldier Apprentice: 7.18


The Soldier Apprentice Reviewed by tudorsavaki on Thursday, October 28th 2010. The Soldier Apprentice By Sack - A game review written by tudorsavaki for the game 'The Soldier Apprentice' by sack. Rating: 5