Sequel To A Great Game I Have Reviewed

Review by tudorsavaki on Saturday, February 5th 2011
Click to play Apart 2. the Broken

Apart 2. the Broken is a game created by jfurey14

Is the sequel better than the original?

Tudorsavaki Review #85

I have reviewed already Apart (Tudorsavaki Review #20) and there is also a third part in the series.

The difficulty of this game is absolutely crushing! It's extremely hard to pass the fire-troll. You must also avoid the "orange trap". My opinion is that there should have been a health power-up or at least a better weapon that would allow you to have a fair fight with the fire-troll. But it is only my opinion.

Apart 2. the Broken is a game that doesn't look as if it were the result of hard-work. The maze isn't impressive, but it was made before the platformer update.

Puzzles & Traps

Zas04 (as Marowana) used that trap in his game "The Golden Hut" (Tudorsavaki Review #3), so this piece is not original. You have to collect a key and than you have to press a switch. I couldn't advance more in the game, but it seems good as far as it is.

Enemy placement

I don't understand why you meet a fire troll before thors. Not only it is annoying because of the hot-blocks from the beginning (when you get the key), but also you must push the fire troll and jump over him to the teleporter. No wonder no one has beaten this game!

Also, I can't stop myself to wonder why should I jump with thor on the same bouncer after I've defeated the fire troll. Two teleportations at least in this game to get to the two crystals, and that's all I can see in the maze of the game. And many enemies coming in your way. Too bad you won't meet them.


Addictiveness: _______/___
Action: _________/_
Enemy placement: _____/_____
Map: _______/___
Puzzles: _________/_
Health & Weapons:_____/_____
Lag: _________/_
Fun: _______/___

Overall: 7.25

Not a bad game, but it could have been improved!

I rated the first game of the Apart series with 7.87; the second is not as good as the first one, and by no means as original as the first one.