Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Map... Is It Worthy?

Review by tudorsavaki on Friday, February 18th 2011

The Mongolian Trilogy Part 5 has appeared...

... so this is no longer a trilogy :LOL:

Tudorsavaki Review #89

the mongolian trilogy part 3



Neehh, I'm going to watch my favourite TV show, I'll leave the computer open and hopefully when I get back it will be ready.

2 hours later: Ohhhh... still loading?

HA HA HA! Good joke, isn't it?

What on Earth could this game contain that it loads soooo hard? Maybe the whole 7 continents and a part of the Pacific Ocean? That's not enough! There's got to be something more!


The lag is almost unbearable! I want to rip off my hair of my head! I want to crush my head on the walls! Too much lag! I can't bear it! Aaaaarghh! Gamemastereric... your computer must one of those MEGA-MAINFRAME SERVERS to allow the creation of such... huge... giga... byte-eater game!


The story must be appreciated, the way each zone in the game has its own name, some comments made by General Puppy were funny indeed!


There are big parts of the map that are useless... portions where nothing happens, not even the owl, the puppy or the wizard do not appear there... And we also have "Wasteland"... pipes going to the "Wasteland"... why on Earth when already the game is lagged to maximum! And it was supposed to be a Desert too in the game! Awwwww...

Enemy placement

I don't know what to say. The enemy placement is okay, but somehow the enemies are few, there is a low density on the map, probably to reduce the lag but it doesn't work that way. A huge map will always create lag, so will many enemies in a small map. There always should be a proportion between these things. I understand this game was published before the platformer update, but this doesn't excuse why the fast mode wasn't used. If there were no light(ning) effects and 8-bit graphics, there might have been a better playability.


The puzzles are OK and they fit nicely in the story of the game. However, they are quite simple and only the use of all available items in the creator makes them "unique" - I must admit there are things in this the mongolian trilogy part 3 game I've never seen before.


Action: _______/___
Addictiveness: ____/______
Enemy placement: _______/___
Map: ________/__
Puzzles: ________/__
Health & Weapons: ______/____
Lag: _/_________
Fun: ____/______

Overall: 5.62

Conclusion: Too much work for an average result. It's not really a bad game, but neither awesome.

Now, I am expecting the awards :lolz:

The lag simply destroys this game!

Please, next time you make a giant platformer, use 8-bit graphics and no lightning effects (fast or super-fast mode)! Please!