The Arrow And The Shield

Review by turtlee on Wednesday, May 16th 2012
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Contradiction is a game created by 3rdegree

A new talent , let us say a prodigy who makes games which gives us something new with his brilliant platformers… His style is so unique. That’s 3rdegree. I’m going to review his game Contradiction , which is just featured lately.


I really like this game. Really , the first time I played this game I was like.. how to get out of the first part? But luckily 3rdegree told me. I was impressed.. he made use of the shield , not just by blocking the arrows but giving it some fresh puzzles.. the invention of reaching the unreached through the arrows. The shield contradicts the arrows , it denies the direction of the archer’s shot and instead the arrow goes to another direction. It was absolutely nice for an introduction in the game , but afterwards you’ll see probably a pure action where nonstop archers hit you.

Gameplay. The game revolves around with hitting the unreachable , blocking the shots , killing enemies and solving puzzles, that’s what to experience in this game. Well basically you’ll be taken to an enormous world of which you don’t know what to do and it’s yours to find out. This game is pretty repetitive , in a way that it’s full of action. Archers here and there , targeting you. And load some of enemies are there to block your way.. This game is just a stop, look and go , you’ll stop then look for solutions and go.. it’s just like falling and climbing up. Anyway, It’s fun with the heart stop action and pretty frustrating with an easy defeat.

Placements. Archers are waiting everywhere , it hits you mercilessly. Well while most are randomly placed , some looks strategically placed. Excluding the archers , each enemies were randomly placed and still some looks nicely placed. The power-ups? They are sufficiently placed for continuous enjoyment throughout the game so you would reach far. I really loved how the puzzles work through the proper placements and on the other side the lava’s scattered around aren’t that enjoyable. To summarize , the placement was nice but some looks and is random and messy and the great placements in some portions really helped those other aspects (puzzles&gameplay).

Traps&Puzzles. I was only impressed with the first puzzles , but still the others are nice. The great use of the arrows of the enemies is admirable , just a smart invention. The other puzzles was plain simple , pretty easy to figure out. But otherwise the introductory puzzle really hit the spot , she is the miss universe in this game. The traps portion consist mostly of lava’s and cl0sers , it’s just a minor aspect in this game and we can’t see much about this as we are just like passing by this little traps.

Scenery. It’s just simple , pretty small deal. It really didn’t boost anything in the gameplay but all I could say is it’s plain and I couldn’t appreciate it. Well we could just see some random archers around , and it seems like a temple of arrows and about the decorations , I see none or let me say they are just a few. It’s just a game with background and tiles. But still this is something minor and let’s not make this a big deal.


Gameplay- ****/***** It’s fun and nice to play

Puzzles-****/***** The introductory puzzle is great

Traps-**/***** Not really a fan of it

Scenery-***/***** Just plain simple

Placements-***/***** Some are pretty random

Overall- ___.5/_____:


Well I liked the whole game itself , it’s just a plain unique game. Despite some little flaws , it’s still enjoyable. A must-play if you want some puzzles and action , another great game from my friend 3rdegree. Feature-worthy? Yes of-course , it’s a game that is worthy with it’s unique style and great puzzles.. it’s fun and it has all aspects of a feature-worthy game.


Contradiction Reviewed by turtlee on Wednesday, May 16th 2012. The Arrow And The Shield - A game review written by turtlee for the game 'Contradiction' by 3rdegree. Rating: 5