By tvnetworkgirl :: Monday May 26th, 2014


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Broken Heart (the movie) AUDITIONS! :Characters: FEMALE CHARACTERS (10 characters) Princess (normal princess, no type, VERY big part) Ice princess, Native princess, 2 girl spies, 1 girl warrior, Mermaid Queen, Japanese Princess, Island princess, Photographer. MALE CHARACTERS. (18 characters) Prince (normal prince, no type, VERY big part), 2 boy spies, 3 boy warriors, Captain of the Pirates, Leader of the Spies, Boy that owns camels, 2 guards for the Ice princess, 2 guards for the Japanese Princess, 2 guards for the Island princess, Ghost, Photographer. EXTRAS! ^-^ (background people, some extras have lines :) SPLODER CITY PEOPLE (there will be extras in sploder city. MALE CHARACTERS. (6 characters) 2 polices, Newspaper boy, Announcer, 2 Security officer. FEMALE CHARACTERS. (3 characterss, not much I know...) Girl that gives the weapons, Hairdresser. Bagels and Coffee shop owner. There are 37 characters! Please join this movie! (Note: I will add more little characters into the story if something pops up in my mind, so don't worry if you don't get a part)


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