Nazi Zombies Nacht de Untoten

By ultrasonic41 :: Tuesday January 19th, 2010


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After the battle that Clydus ended, you were mistaken for dead, and woke up in an abandoned battlefield. You hear loud growls, so he fled to an abandoned house. You barricaded all of the entry-ways except one. You peep out through it and see a zombie running towards the building. You shot it up and barricaded the last wall. Only with your knife (sword), a pistol, a large pack of bullets, and a strong shield. You then get ready for one terrible night... INFO ON GAME: Atomic = Insta Kill Blast-gun = MP40 Railgun = Trench gun Grenades = Grenades Flamethrower = Flamethrower (Note: When you grab a weapon, that means you purchased it. And if you already have it, then that means you got MAX AMMO!)


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