aleinman the brave

By viele83 :: Tuesday April 28th, 2009


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you are aleinman the brave and want to steal all the crystals on the earth. let the elevator on your ship take you to the lower part of it , get the crystals then use your powergluv or as I call it magno-hand to move the wheels then fall of the ship. once you hit the ground you will recive a cookie for being a surviver during a 5 1/2 mile fall from a U.F.O. run left.go up the stairs to get on the elevator and get the keys go up and kill the thug fall on the floor. fly at the crystals to get them. part 1 complete. part2 starting. now you are in the sewer. find your way to the other side. go up and you are on the other side of the pile of tires, get the crystals


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