Where All Gonna Die!

Review by vinniepaz1234567 on Friday, August 13th 2010
Click to play Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a game created by killer47

Red good choice killer47, red made this game easy to see and it was a good match to the name. Now you start off in a hard spot place where you can glitch into one of the triangles so be careful

The motars chase you up the line and you lose allot of health, then you move up and theres two ways to go. This game had lots of action, adventure and it was exciting.

This game had allot of parts coming off of it which meant teleporters, the puzzle of which way to go was well done as well.


- Some little glitches.

- At some points you can die heaps fast


- It had made length but not heaps so you die and can't finish it.

- It was heaps challenging. ( yet i still didn't finish it)

- The name excites me (may be other people )

Thanks for listening