My Death Was Very Detailed.

Review by vinniepaz1234567 on Friday, October 28th 2011
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Detailed Death is a game created by enzo186

Hey everybody and this is a Vinniepaz review on Detailed death by Enzo186. If you have played the game you would know Enzo186 put effort into this game so if you heaven't played it then I recommend you to play it. (It's hard)

About the creator:

Enzo186 named himself after a stylish ferrari and he has many hobbies. I'd say Enzo186's main hobby is drumming. Enzo186 is the average guy who makes good games and will talk to any one. Get out there and try his games.


My thoughts about this game when I read the game title and then studied the thumbnail was, a small detailed game so Enzo186 could show off his skill. The I realized it was featured and then I thought it was a long, hard game that I probably couldn't beat with lots of detail.

Playing the game

While doing trial and error though Detailed deaths puzzles I found that in a few minutes I could get through it until I found myself getting tricked by the puzzles again, after finishing the puzzles I found myself trapped in a bounce polygon maze that I got stuck in multiple game ending in me starting all over again. I found this game very challenging and entertaining at the same time because I was addicted to winning it. Eventually I finally beat the game. It took my 8 minutes and 38 seconds putting me in 4/4 on the game board.


After finally finishing the game I thought that Enzo186 had made an exceptional game with little faults. Enzo186 has put a lot of effort into making the detailed game into a long, featured worthy, hard and puzzled game.

Enzo186 made some good puzzles that were quite simple but not simple enough for you to storm through the game. The puzzles made you have to do trial and error through it but that's what made them hard and frustrating.

Enzo186 has made some good detail into this game which I really liked because he turned it into something amazing. Enzo186 has seemed to have spent time on this game so I'd play it for his sake.

Enzo186 has made a very good map and has used health and enemies wisely. Making this game almost perfect. The map was very well made with a bounce polygon maze (Also a puzzle) which was very tricky. Even thought the map was quite simple it still turned out well for Enzo186. (How does he do it?)

Enzo186's style has made this game a master piece with both puzzles and detail.

Sadly there was a few minor cons to this game that weren't completely his fault. There was when multiple speeder's glitch out out and the lag that happened not to often. When lag did happen it would happen for a long time usually in bad times resulting in a detailed death.


Detail: 8/10~ Very good detail for a game like this.

Puzzle: 7/10~ Quite simple and I reckon he could've added more.

Map: 8.5/10~ Good map size for this detailed game.

Style: 9/10~ A very good style from Enzo186.


Lag: 4/10~It wasn't Enzo186's fault completely but when it did happen it was a long lag.

Glitches: 2/10~ Doesn't usually happen often and it isn't really his fault.

Total score: 9.7/10

Enzo186 has made a good game that is addictive, fun, challenging and absolutely AWESOME. Enzo186's game deserved the feature defiantly and so does many of his other games so check them out. I hope that your death is detailed too!(Vinnie's review's, getting you to learn about the creator and the game, Thank you!)


Detailed Death Reviewed by vinniepaz1234567 on Friday, October 28th 2011. My Death Was Very Detailed. - A game review written by vinniepaz1234567 for the game 'Detailed Death' by enzo186. Rating: 4.5