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Review by vpopsiclev on Sunday, January 22nd 2017
Click to play envasion of kjako mckak

envasion of kjako mckak is a game created by sto4

Disclaimer: I'm being forced to play this against my will or else I will get my account terminated


So this is how far I've dropped. To be forced against my will to review this game, "Envasion of Kjako McKak." You know something's wrong when there's already a flaw and you haven't even played the game yet. Sto4, you need to go back to grade school cause that's not how you spell "invasion" BUDDY (Please don't sue me I'm only kidding haHAA).

So as you can probably tell from the thumbnail, this game is a complete JOKE. A WASTE OF TIME. GARBAGE. I suggest not even playing this game at all and hitting that "Report" button next to Sto4's name for trolling and making me waste my valuable time when I could've been drinking a refreshing Gatorade, is it in YOU? (Gatorade please hire me for spokesperson I need the money). I'm obviously kidding again, cause obviously this game is a piece of art.. haha..


Now onto the review!


There's not much.


In all seriousness, this game is pretty great. It's one of those Indie hack-n-slash games that kids dream of. Flawless. Destroy every single enemy in your path and defeat the treacherous Kjako Mckak!

If you have about 40 seconds to spare, I highly recommend playing Sto4's latest hit (or you could spend it better by not playing it, it's really up to you).

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